The 1, 2, 3’s of Cheer Shoe Care

Cheer shoes are considered one of the most important parts of a cheerleader’s outfit.  They give the support and stability you need for any position on the squad.  That is why proper care is essential to get the most out of your cheer shoes.

1. Ensure a Proper Fit

Wearing shoes that are too big or too small is not only bad for your feet, but bad for your shoes as well.  If the shoe is too small it will put added stress on the seams and cause damage to the shoe.  Get a size that is too big and you run into damaged eyelets from pulling to tight to keep them on and unusual wear patterns on the bottom.  The toe extending too far can even cause you to trip when it unexpectedly catches on something.

To ensure a proper fit always try your shoe on with a clean pair of the socks that you will be wearing with the shoes.  Put on both socks and shoes and walk around in a clean environment for a moment to make sure that everything fits well.  Remember that a shoe may feel a little snug at first, but it should not be uncomfortable.  Also consider trying on a friend’s pair before you buy or exchange yours.  For information on Cheerzone’s exchange policy click here.

2. Cleaning Cheer Shoes

Your cheer shoes are bound to get dirty.  It’s a fact of life for cheerleaders.  No matter how hard you try, as you’re preparing for competition the day before you are going to come across your once white, dingy brown shoes. Have no fear!  The number one thing to remember is to NEVER wash your cheer shoes in the washing machine.  Some websites will say it’s OK, and even give instructions.  The problem is that these machines are all different and there is no way to know how it end.  Also It tends to void any defective policies on the shoes, so its best not to risk it.

Instead use a soft damp cloth to wipe off the majority of the dirt from the outside.  If you have any stubborn spots you can try a small bit of a mild cleaning solution.  I don’t recommend bleach or other harsh cleaners as it may damage some of the materials used to make your shoes.  Gently rub clean any spots or stains.

3. Storing your Cheer Shoes

We have all been there, practice is over, you’re ready to get out the door and run to the next thing on your to-do list for the day.  So you toss your cheer gear into your bag and get moving.  This can be one of the most dangerous things to do for your shoes.  For most people their backpack becomes a catch-all with everything ranging from books and pens to snacks and hairspray.  This creates a mine field of possible danger for your shoes.  No one wants to open their bag to find a broken lipstick tube and red shoes.

To help avoid these dangers you can get a backpack with a specific shoe compartment.  Keeping them in their own portion of the bag will protect them.  But if you are already in love with your current bag and can’t stand to part with it, we understand.  Try getting a case for your shoes so they will not be exposed to the other dangers in your bag.  Some shoes, like most Nfinity brand, come with a convenient carry case that is both stylish and durable.

-Julia Martinez


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