Looking Professional on the Sidelines

October 1, 2015

Does your squad need a more polished look? Do you wish people took you and your squad more seriously? With these 5 easy tips your squad will find uniformity, neatness, and a level of professionalism that will ensure you’re the best in your district!


  1. The little things count.  Make sure everyone has the same clean and uniform hair style.  Keep stray hair off your face.  Having matching bows can help close the deal on a fabulous hair style.  It also allows you to stunt, jump, and dance without worry about your hair being in the way.
  2. Matching uniforms are an inaugural part of any squad matching and it doesn’t stop with a matching skirt and top.  Make sure that everything down to jewelry and even nail polish matches for that extra bit of punch.  You and your squad work as one cohesive unit, and even the smallest of difference can distract from that.  Take a look at our accessories page for some jewelry options that can work for the whole squad.
  3. Keep everything clean and organized.  Have a designated place away from the sidelines to keep extra clothing, water bottles, and other accessories.  If this area is still in view of the crowd then make sure that it is well organized and neat.  A pile of balled up sweaters and bags looks messy and will distract from your routine
  4. Keep practice restricted to behind the scenes.  You and your squad should not be practicing chants, stunts, or new cheers on the sideline!  That is what practice is for.  Focus instead on being together and in unison with the cheers that you have mastered.  Then when you unveil your new material after all that practice it will be a surprise for all in attendance.
  1. When in uniform whether at a game, in the halls, or anywhere else you are always on display.  People will remember your actions as a cheerleader so maintain these same disciplines.  Keep focused and keep enthusiasm high, don’t be bored or playing around on the sideline!

By following these 5 simple rules your squad will be on the way to performing and looking your best!

-Julia Martinez


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