Cheer Practice, Homework, and Best Friends! Oh My!

Time management can be a struggle for any cheerleader, new and experienced alike.  Keeping high grades, sharp cheer routines, work, and a social life can seem like a challenge.  Whether you are a new cheerleader, or an experienced pro, finding that proper balance is key.  You should prioritize your schedule and set a structured time for each task throughout the day.  A good nights sleep is also helpful to keep your energy high throughout a busy day.

Planning Out Your Day

Some experts say that you should devote twenty to thirty minutes a day in the morning to scheduling your tasks for that day.  Although if you are anything like me, nothing happens in the morning until you have your cup of coffee, so I prefer to plan out my day the night before.  This allows me to get a more restful sleep knowing that my next day is ready to go, and I can sleep in another bit.

The world isn’t perfect and your schedule wont be either.  To best understand realistic time frames to complete your task spend one week going about your days normally but keep track of time spent doing your task through the day.  This will help you outline how long specific events will actually take including time for distractions and interruptions.  Don’t forget to allow time for travel between tasks, especially if you have to drive to your next destination.  You don’t want to have to rush to get there and risk injury.  Adding an extra 5 minutes to each activity will give a few minutes to prepare and relax before starting your next.

Sticking to the Plan

Just like a well rehearsed Cheer routine, dedication and timing is everything.  Once your schedule is set you should stick to it as best you can.  Things come up and sometime last-minute changes will happen, but before changing up the plan, take a moment to make sure that this change won’t affect other parts of the schedule.  Always remember to contact other people who may be affected and let them know of the change so they are not waiting for you.  If you fall behind on your schedule, it’s okay.  Hurrying through your tasks can lead to mistakes and possible injury

Social Life

School, work, and cheerleading (or any extra curricular) are all important to learn about the world, hard work, and dedication.  That doesn’t mean we should be so busy there is no time for friends.  Make sure to set aside some time in your day for your friends, family and even just yourself.  A little rest, relaxation, and fun with friends will lift your spirits and make all your hard work and dedication worth it.

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