Cheer tryouts can be stressful.  Even if you are trying out for a team that you have been on in earlier seasons there is always a small amount of worry that you may mess something up.  Here are some tips to help make sure that you go into tryouts this school year in the best possible physical and mental shape.


Brush up on your gymnastics skills and knowledge.  Even though the coach will be teaching you what you need to know to be on the squad having at least a beginners level of knowledge in gymnastics can make your audition so much better.  This extra knowledge and effort will make you stand out from the crowd.

Cheer from the Diaphragm

To be heard in the far corners of the crowd you will need to make sure that your voice carries! If you do not have a loud voice, chances are you need to work on projecting from the diaphragm.  A little searching on YouTube will give plenty of results on how best to do this.  Or you can Click Here for a video with some breathing exercises that can help you isolate and use your diaphragm.


We have all been there, it’s the last class of the day and you feel the exhaustion setting in and you still have cheer tryouts after school.  While your first instinct is to grab an energy drink from your bag and give yourself a little boost this will only hurt you.  The high amounts of sugar and caffeine may give you a small boost at the moment but it likely won’t last for the whole tryout.  By the end of the audition you will have crashed from the sugar high.  Instead get plenty of rest the day before and eat right.  The best way to get a more constant and lasting boost then any energy drink is a good, proper…

Warm Up

Always stretch and get your body moving before starting your cheer routine.  Not only will this make your moves more crisp and clean, but it will also help prevent injuries.  Nothing would be worse than pulling a muscle or twisting an ankle during tryouts.  In addition to helping limber up, some good stretches and basic cardio will get adrenaline and other endorphins flowing giving a boost of energy that will last through tryouts to keep you moving and cheering.


Do some research and studying.  Coming into auditions with a new cheer routine that the group hasn’t seen shows not only that you are skilled and creative, but also that you’re not afraid to think outside of the box.  It can be a great first step to getting a captain position.


Last, but not least is confidence.  If you don’t believe in yourself how can anyone else?  No one starts out the best at anything, but with time, hard work and dedication you can make it to the top of the pyramid (in life and Cheerleading).  If you need some inspiration, take a look at some of these Famous Cheerleaders.

-Julia Martinez

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