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Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas, Events and Activities

Activities - Ideas and tips for various fundraising activities - The real thing about fundraising.

Art Raffle - Putting together an art raffle fundraiser is easy and fun - How to raise large amounts for your team with an art raffle.

Bingo Night - A bingo fundraiser is an easy fundraising event to put together - Simple instructions on how to raise funds with a Bingo Night.

Bake Sale - Extra profit tips for your bake sale fundraiser - Adding silent auctions, product demonstrations, and additional fundraising products can easily triple your results.

Bowling - Ideas on putting together a bowling fundraiser - How to tips for organizing a fun fundraising event and maximizing the revenue.

Car Wash - Quick and easy car wash fund raising tips plus profit boosters.

Casino Night - How to raise funds with a Casino Night fundraiser - A fun fundraising event for adults where games of chance bring funds to your team.

Dance Fundraiser - Fundraising ideas for using a dance fundraiser concept - Great fundraising event for middle schools and high schools.

Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser - Fundraising with a Halloween Pumpkin Patch - How to tips for a simple Halloween fundraiser idea.

Jingle Bell Walk - An easy holiday-themed fundraising event is a Jingle Bell Walk - Raise funds for your team with this fun fundraiser

Karaoke Fundraiser - How to ride the American Idol craze with a karaoke fundraiser - No talent required and not a lot of effort needed to organize this fundraising event

Lip Sync Fundraiser - Doing a lip sync fundraiser is an easy way to raise funds for your school or team - No talent required for this fun school fundraiser.

Marti Gras Night - Have a great time with a Mardi Gras fundraiser - This popular fundraising event is lots of fun and a big moneymaker.

Mini Golf Tournament - Hosting a mini golf tournament is a great fundraising event for youth sports groups - Extra profit tips for your mini golf fundraiser.

Mystery Dinner Theater - How to produce your own Mystery Dinner Theater - Done well, a murder mystery fundraising event can produce excellent results while providing superb entertainment value.

Pancake Breakfast - Extra profit tips for your pancake breakfast fundraiser - How to double or triple your results with four extra steps.

Poker Tournament - Raise funds with a poker tournament offering Texas Hold'em - How to put together a fun fundraising event.

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